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Steps Sometimes, landscapers neglect the importance of adding steps to the landscape. Why add steps, anyway?

North Carolina is more familiar with a flat landscape; but, it doesn't have to be. Steps can turn the usual landscape design into a stunning view. They just need to be constructed with beauty and functionality in mind, and Envisions can do that for you.

Steps in a Landscape

It's quite surprising how only a few realize the beauty of steps in a landscape. Whether on a landscape plan or the actual landscape, steps get noticed first. They are, therefore, great spots for unleashing the artist in you. But, not only beauty, though, since steps have practical purposes, too.

No need to frown about the steep slopes because they can finally be advantageous. Build retaining walls to separate the first level from the second. Flatten each level and decide what to do with the area. You can create a vegetable garden, a view deck, a patio, or a small golf course for kids.

Steps have to be constructed so it's easy to move around the landscaped areas. Guests will surely appreciate the beauty of your landscape if they can see them closer while walking on lovely steps.

Even with flat lawns, steps can still be made. Mini steps are great for building an elevated outdoor living space like an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor living room. Elevating the area keeps off dust, dirt, snow, and water off the paved floor surfaces.

Best Materials for Steps

Beautiful and functional - these are how steps should be.

The materials that will be used for constructing them will affect both of these. Maybe you have seen steps made out of wood or concrete. Wood maybe great for wooden decks, but they are aesthetically unfit for a landscape. Concrete may seem fit in the garden, but it is boring and unstable. In this regard, pavers and natural stones are the best materials for steps.

Unlike other materials, pavers and natural stones are durable and can last a lifetime. And, if you're after an elegant appeal, these materials are just what you need. But, there are just so many pavers and natural stones to choose from, and it will be a pain to select just one with thousands of gorgeous choices.

Pavers are manufactured stones made from clay, concrete, and other resilient materials. They can be made into any shape, color, size, or texture. Meanwhile, natural stones like granites, limestones, and sandstones don't have as much variation, but they can be cut into your desired size or be smoothened up. They cannot be tinted or stained, but their colors are natural and, therefore, will never fade.

You may choose to have the simple stones that are simply laid on a foundation like compacted soil or concrete. They are typically for beautifying purposes only, although they also add stability to the steps. Extra stability will be yours with mortared stones.

Elegant and Functional Designs of Envisions

Since steps have to be beautiful and durable, they require careful planning and a top-notch installation process. Don't mind anymore about the technicalities, but focus on what do you want to achieve with the steps.

Envisions have creative designers and experienced masons who can help realize your goals. It won't matter whether you are in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, or other cities of North Carolina, since we provide landscaping services for the entire state.

Contact us today and let us build for you the most elegant and functional steps for your landscape.
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