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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces One of the best perks of having your own dream home in North Carolina is getting to spend nights just watching the evening sky and having relaxed conversations with people close to you.

Such unguarded moments are what make your life less stressful, and let you create beautiful memories. However, staying outdoors at night may not be good if there are no outdoor fireplaces to give you warmth and make you feel comfortable especially during cold nights. Without outdoor fireplaces, an otherwise perfect occasion with your loved ones could be ruined by the uncomfortable cold weather.

That's why if you don't have an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor area or landscape, then it's about time you contact us here at Envisions. Within days, we could already come up with a general outdoor fireplace design of what you would like it to be.

Where to Place Outdoor Fireplaces

The thing about outdoor fireplaces is that they can pose some safety threats to your property. In fact, there have been stories about ill-placed outdoor fireplaces causing homes in North Carolina to get razed by fire. Now, surely, you wouldn't want your home to be reduced to ashes, right?

Here at Envisions, we know exactly where it is safe and ideal to place outdoor fireplaces. For one, it's important for outdoor fireplaces to be placed considerably far from your house to avoid the possibility of fire. Second, they should be constructed in an area where air moves freely to facilitate efficient fire-burning. Also, the front of the outdoor fireplaces must be placed in at the area where the natural breeze wouldn't affect the fire.

Outdoor fireplaces can also be placed near a cabana or gazebo so you could warm up while having a conversation at night. Some North Carolina homeowners, meanwhile, want their outdoor fireplaces to be placed near their pool, so they could easily access the warmth provided by the fire.

Envisions: The Authority in Outdoor Fireplace Design

Each of the outdoor fireplaces that Envisions create are uniquely designed and crafted by skilled masons to ensure the durability and safety of the homeowners.

Our expert masons have worked with different types of materials through the years. Some of the most common materials for outdoor fireplaces include stone, brick, marble, and even metal.

Here at Envisions, we profess to a special fondness for stone and brick outdoor fireplaces. With brick, you have a time-tested fireproof material that never goes out of style. Brick outdoor fireplaces exude a warm earthy feel that never fails to give a relaxing, homey feel.

On the other hand, our extensive experience in outdoor fireplace design has taught us that stones are a great material for building stunning fireplaces. Nowadays, there are man-made stones that can give an unmistakable industrial look. Stone-clad outdoor fireplaces are especially a big hit among clients who prefer a modern-looking fireplace outside of their homes.

So, which kind of outdoor fireplace design do you fancy? Call Envisions today and discuss with us your idea of a perfect outdoor fireplace for your prized North Carolina property. Here at Envisions, we guarantee our work from the ground up so you're sure to have an outdoor fireplace that you and your family will surely love.
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