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Hardscape Services in Raleigh, NC

Hardscape Services, Raleigh, NC At Envisions, we provide superior hardscaping and outdoor living services that enhance your outdoor areas. We oversee comprehensive hardscaping projects, from design to selection of materials, project management, and construction of all types of hardscapes. Our business delivers tailored commercial and residential hardscaping solutions at an economical cost.

Our focus on quality, convenient accessibility, and quick and timely completion of the project has made us one of the most favored companies in Raleigh, NC. The crew knows the essential nature of building robust, long-lasting, and aesthetically stunning landscapes. We provide a full range of solutions under one roof, including pavers, patios, segmental retaining walls, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fires, walks, and pathways.


Make your drab outdoor areas more usable and appealing by using pavers. Your backyard, driveway, deck, or other outdoor living amenities should be built using this masonry material, which is highly recommended. Because we get our pavers from recognized and proven brands like Belgard and other top paver manufacturers. You can rest assured that the paving materials you receive will be of the highest possible quality.

We can develop unique paver features for both residential and business customers because of our availability of high-quality supplies. We also use industry-approved methods and processes to prepare the site and install each paver component. It is possible to guarantee the long-term viability of any paver amenity we create or install by employing this construction method. Give us a call right now, and we'll send one of our licensed paver installers to your home or business to get the job done.

Segmental Retaining Walls

We have installed various segmental retaining wall systems on properties throughout the state. Because of the numerous advantages, segmental retaining wall components are commonly used in residential and commercial landscapes. They're strong masonry materials that can support a lot of soil in mountainous places. Compared to standard concrete barriers, segmental or interlocked blocks take less time to construct.

Design versatility is another reason why we like this type of brickwork. We can build a wall in an irregular form without affecting its structural integrity. In addition to preventing soil erosion, our superior segmental retaining walls help homeowners construct new outdoor living areas, improve the aesthetics of their backyards, and increase the overall utility of their property. If you want experienced contractors to construct your retaining walls, give us a call right now. Be sure that we will design and build the walls to your exact requirements.


Smaller roads and driveways are similar in that they both provide a comfortable ride for vehicles. There is only one major difference: driveways are meant to be visually pleasing, whereas roadways don't have to be so. As one of the first things people see about a property, driveways should be well-designed. However, pursuing beauty does not necessitate ignoring the need for long-term viability. We can create long-lasting driveways that are also visually appealing.

The weight of automobiles puts pressure on driveways, making durability a choice and a must in this situation. Asphalt and concrete were the only materials landscapers had to choose from for driveways earlier. Both are acceptable options, but they fall short of pavers in terms of quality. We recommend the best paver products from brands like Belgard known for their high-quality products and ironclad warranties. We can plan and install a custom-designed driveway on your property.

For additional details about our high-quality pavers, segmental retaining walls, and driveways in Raleigh, NC, call Envisions at 919-848-3081. You can also send us your request and queries via this Online Form, and we will respond soon to discuss your requirements.
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