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Segmental Retaining Wall Systems

The use of segmental retaining wall systems in landscapes is continuously increasing at least 3 percent every year for the past 15 years. This is happening not only in North Carolina but all over the world. Experts clearly understand the reason behind this consistent popularity.

What is a Segmental Retaining Wall?

Segmental Retaining Wall Systems All retaining walls are constructed for a single purpose - to hold back the otherwise receding soil. And when that happens, the driveway or walkway can be widened and there will be larger provision for flower beds or outdoor fun.

Retaining walls are divided into four general types - anchored, sheet piling, cantilevered, and gravity. The segmental retaining wall systems fall under the gravity type. The segmental concrete units used for such systems are mortarless stones that improve the soil's stability by leaning back towards the earth.

These systems do not use an internal structure, wood planks, or anchors; instead, segmental blocks interlock into each other for stability, hence making the construction easier and faster even for DIYers. There are instances, though, that the segmental retaining walls use pins for better security.

Benefits of the Segmental Retaining Wall Systems

Segmental retaining walls are quick and easy to install, making it a low-cost project. But, there is more to using such a system than just the ease factors.

Flexibility: Thanks to segmental blocks, the segmental retaining wall systems can now be made into every imaginable curve and curl. Sure, bricks and other materials may be almost impossible to achieve that curb appeal, but not with the segmental system. That's why this type of retaining wall is always the ideal choice, be it for small or big landscape projects.

Aesthetics: Segmental blocks are flexible without compromising the aesthetic appeal. With unlimited color schemes, shapes, and sizes, it's possible to create a visually appealing piece of landscape structure with segmental retaining walls.

Durability and Performance: Every segmental block is manufactured with the highest quality and optimum strength. It also has low absorption, making each piece resistant to freezing, thawing, rainwater, insect damage, and rot. However, most materials with similar durability are low in performance, but not segmental retaining walls since they are specially made to adjust to any movement. Segmental blocks remain beautiful and distress-free for the longest time as compared to ordinary pavers or bricks.

With all these benefits, getting segmental retaining wall systems means getting the best benefits from your investment with an economical and aesthetically appealing wall that can withstand the harshest challenges of nature.

Our Segmental Retaining Walls Installations

Segmental blocks are made for easy and fast installation of retaining walls. Yes, they are perfect for a challenging DIY job, but that doesn't mean you have to do it yourself. Instead, let our company handle the installation. We can come up with better designs and a reliable results.

The durability of segmental retaining wall systems still relies on the kind of installation; that is why the job should only be entrusted to professionals with proper skills, training, and experience.

Good thing for you: Envisions only hire people with the required education, training, and experience to build the highest quality and most stunningly beautiful retaining walls in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham and other cities in North Carolina.

Besides, it is our infinite passion to showcase and promote excellence in our landscape projects. We, in fact, warranty every aspect of our work for our client's peace of mind.
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