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Pool Decks

Pool Decks For North Carolina homeowners who love basking in the sun or spending some quiet time watching the night-time sky, pool decks could provide them with just that opportunity.

Pool decks are an extremely valuable part of any property with a swimming pool in it. Pool decks double as a barbecue place and dining area. Also, pool decks not only add beauty to an outdoor living space, but they also serve as a place where you and your family or friends can relax and enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

Passion for Beauty, Functionality, and Durability

Trends in landscaping today require pool decks built with beauty, durability, and safety in mind. And here at Envisions, we share the same passion for this trend.

But, quite unlike other landscape companies specializing in paving stone installation, we at Envisions do not only design and build pool decks just for the sake of it, but also ensure that our decks will provide the exact results that you have in mind.

Not only that, our pool decks are also guaranteed to promote and ensure the safety of your family and guests, aside from having unmatched aesthetic qualities and durability. In short, Envisions design and build pool decks that are functional, beautiful, and unbelievably durable.

Materials for Pool Decks

During our solid stint building top-quality decks, we've experimented with various materials. In this light, we've come to realize that the best building materials can either be natural stones such as flagstones, sandstone, granite, marble, tiles, and the like.

We have also used bricks, concrete pavers, and other building materials. With bricks, you could easily add a touch of an earthly feel to your pool, and are perfect materials if you have a brick house. With granite, you could make your pool look elegant and expensive; whereas, with sandstone, you have a very absorbent surface around your pool, which makes it relatively safe for kids to run around.

Pool Deck Design Ideas

Our company has the experience when it comes to designing and building attractive and functional pool decks. And throughout the years, we've come to consider designing and building pool decks as a work of art; that's why our decks are stunning, easily complement the entire landscape and provide a high degree of safety to your friends and family.

When it comes to design ideas for pool decks, some North Carolina homeowners prefer the above-ground design, which uses several pre-made concrete foundations to elevate the deck. This could cover just one part of the pool, or completely wrap around it. Whereas, some want the side deck design, which is placed at a certain point beside the pool.

Meanwhile, decorative concrete design is another good option. Decorative concrete is known to add beauty, is sturdy, and costs just a fraction of other more expensive pool deck materials.

Additionally, trends in pool deck design call for the addition of amenities, such as outdoor BBQ and kitchen, a pergola, a mini bar, and the like.

Perfect Pool Decks for your Home

Simply speaking, pool deck design and construction is more than just having a deck built beside your pool. Call Envisions today and discuss your idea with us. Let Envisions transform your idea into reality, and build for you the perfect pool deck for your and your family's total enjoyment.

We've been serving major areas in North Carolina particularly Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Contact us now and we will make your outdoor living space more functional with beautifully designed pool decks.
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