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Driveways Driveways are like mini roads because both provide a smooth drive for vehicles. The only difference is that roads are expected to be grey and boring, while driveways should be aesthetically appealing.

Driveways should be beautiful because they are among the most noticeable areas in a landscape. But striving for beauty doesn't mean that one has to forget about durability.

Envisions will never forget these factors when working on driveways. We can design and build driveways that are both durable and pleasing to the eyes.

Durable Driveways

Driveways have to bear the weight of vehicles. That's why durability is not an option here, but a necessity. Back then, landscape companies only had two options for driveway materials - asphalt or concrete. Both of these are pretty good choices, although not as good as pavers.

Asphalt is so boring and can crack anytime. Concrete may not be as boring, but it also cracks and can be costly when replaced. Hence, durable materials must be used to build the driveways. Only pavers and natural stones can fit in the description.

Pavers and natural stones can resist cracking due to the sudden movement of the ground. And when one piece cracks, it will be easy to do repairs without removing the entire slab and pouring wet concrete again.

Pavers come in a variety of choices. There are natural pavers and manufactured ones. Our company gets pavers only from the most reputable suppliers in North Carolina to ensure quality.

Beautiful Driveways

Pavers are durable and beautiful. Their variety of shapes, colors, and sizes can build a very interesting driveway surface; and that surface is not just any solid surface. The spaces in between provide for the expansion during extreme weather conditions.

Traditional pavers are called clay bricks, which normally have red to red-brown shades. Cobble stones also come in very limited colors, yet their natural look is so elegant, permanent, and has a nostalgic effect.

We also recommend the use of concrete pavers for the driveways. They are specially manufactured and can come in any design to fit clients' specific tastes.

Driveway Layouts

Pavers can surely create beautiful driveways - be it a straight driveway, curved, or circular. Straight driveways are the simplest. They are straightforward and most appropriate for small yards. Although simple and straight, they can still have an attractive appeal. Create two lanes if the space allows that. And if there are two lanes, a mid-driveway island for shrubs or flowers can be added. One-lane straight driveways can have ornaments on the side.

Curved driveways are the perfect solution for yards with plenty of boulders, trees, and other huge features. They are also great for touring the guests around a wide landscape. There could be more reasons for having curved driveways, but make sure that they won't give your guests hard time maneuvering.

Circular driveways are among the most popular these days because they can be added to small or big yards. Also referred to as the horseshoe driveway, this layout allows easy entrance and exit without needing two lanes. Plus, you get the chance of creating a central focal point.

Perfect Driveways for Your Home

Envisions can design the perfect driveway for your property. Contact us anytime and we can start discussing your beautiful and durable driveway.

We don't just design and install driveways in Cary, Apex, Lake Gaston, and other parts of North Carolina; we also offer a range of value-for-money landscape services for the entire state.
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