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Patios Many homes in North Carolina feature a patio area. Why not? With the humid subtropical climate of the state, many homeowners will truly seize the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors' cool atmosphere.

Basically, patios are intended to provide any property with an area for outdoor dining or entertainment. Patios are usually situated between a home and a garden. But, designing a patio for your home is crucial, as there are a lot of factors that must be considered, such as its aesthetic design, materials to be used, and building cost.

But, if you choose Envisions, you have nothing to worry about since we can assist you in designing and installing the best patio for your home.

The Design Possibilities for your Patios

Patios can be designed in many ways. Therefore, if you want to give your home the most fitting patio, you should call a patio specialist, like Envisions.

We can help you decide on the most appropriate patio design for your home. We also provide construction of these patios at an affordable cost. Some of the popular concepts or designs for patios are listed below:

  • Matching a patio with walkways that lead to its location.
  • Creating a strong harmony between a patio and other landscape elements.
  • Connecting a patio to a pool site.
  • Furnishing a patio with formal designs that match the inside living area.
  • Incorporating a patio with a fireplace.

There are actually more designs that can be made for patios depending on the area. If you have your own ideas and preferred design, Envisions can also incorporate that in the design and construction. Our company is known in North Carolina for bringing unique designs to our clients. Many of our clients can attest that the patio design we created for them is exclusively theirs.

Choosing the Best Materials for Patios

There are different materials that can be used in constructing patios. If money is a concern, you may opt to get a concrete patio as this is an inexpensive choice. However, concrete is not the best choice.

Stone patios are the best when it comes to aesthetic effects. Beautifully designed patios are usually made up of stone materials. This is primarily because stone materials are available in great varieties and provide a different feel. But, this option requires a more expensive budget, too.

The other materials that are commonly used in patios are brick pavers and timber. Brick pavers are perennial favorites while the timber is normally used to build raised patios.

Moreover, you also have to consider the materials for the other parts of your patios. These include the windows and roofs. The materials for the roof, for instance, vary depending on the style. Some of the most popular selections nowadays are the shade sails made of flexible fabric, and solid patio roofs made of aluminum materials.

We Design Unique Patios

The design of patios should reflect the preferences of the homeowner to ensure that it will bring them the kind of entertainment and relaxation they are looking for.

This is what Envisions will do.

We design patios that perfectly suit the preferences of our clients. In addition, Envisions also guarantees to build durable and functional patios. We will take care of every detail of the patio construction regardless of the size of your area and your budget.
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